hciLab, VIS, University of Stuttgart


AppTicker, by hcilab at VIS, University of Stuttgart, is an Android app allows users to share the app usage, i.e., install, use, update, and uninstall apps, on Facebook. The interaction with AppTicker is basically interactions users explicitly perform to install, update, use, or uninstall an app on his phone. The AppTicker shares the performed actions on Facebook. Actions are only published when users expilicitly perform actions.

The application is currently developed only for Android phones. In order to share the app usage on Facebook a valid Facebook account is required. The application is freely available on the Android Market .

Please note that this application is developed for research purposes and is still in a beta release. Not all functions might be fully implemented yet.


This is a research project at hciLab, University of Stuttgart. All data gathered via this app is completely anonymous and used for research purposes.




[Android Phones]


  • The application is still a beta version and all the functions might not be fully implemented, yet.
  • The app is currently available only for Android devices.

We are gathering feedback from our users. Would you like to help us in our research? Please send an email to appticker@hcilab.org

AppTicker is developed and maintained by Niels Henze and Alireza Sahami